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This blog was started to share the journey of what God has called me to do, serve our friends whithout homes. A long the way it has also become part of my journey as well.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


I understand that some are standing on the mountaintop and see things with undistorted eyes, seeing things more clearly. Then there are those who are in the valley, wondering in the dense forest, looking to get to the mountaintops. I asked God to show me the difference between the high peaks and the low valleys. First he showed me the valley, there stood the dense forest we need to travel through. Though our forest may not seem as dense as the forest others are traveling through, nevertheless it appears dense and dark to us. We pick a path and head out in search of the mountaintop. With each tree we pass our pack becomes heavier and we become weary.

Then He showed me the mountaintop. There you could find no obstacles to block your view, you could see forever and what lay before you was beautiful. You could see forever, because you are above the tree line. As you look down on the dense forest below, you realize those trees are crosses. They represent burdens or troubles that you have overcome. They are no longer a dark dense scary place, but a beautiful sight to behold.

As you stand on the top and look around, you realize that there are other forests that need to be conquered and as much as you would like to stay, you have to return to the valley. This time though you return with the new understanding as to how to get back to the mountaintop. This new forest is not alone and there are others trying to find their way as well. They strain and grow weary under the burden and trouble they carry and they ask if you would share in carrying the weight. Wanting to help, you agree. You soon find out that you once again have your own things you must carry and the weight of both is too much for you to bare. You have to give back the load that is not yours to be carried by the other on the path with you. They feel lost, alone and sometime abandoned to search on their own, but you reassure them that there is help. You tell them of the guide (Christ) that is waiting to help with the load and give directions to the mountaintop. You have been down a similar path before and the guide waits for you to call out for him. As soon as you search and cry out to him, he arrives waiting to carry you. Some will cry out to Him, but others will continue to ask man for help and look to them for direction.

We continue down our path to reach the peak. Some will have found the guide and we may even travel together. Others we will have to leave along the path, still crying out for help in the wrong direction. Do we leave them completely? No, we can always yell back to them that there is hope; they just have to look in the right direction. Do we waddle in the fact that some have made it to the mountaintop and have seen the beauty it holds? No, but we can tell them of the beauty and comfort that awaits them there. We each have our valleys we must conquer to reach the peaks, but if we had not found and called upon the guide to help take us there, we would still be lost in the forest. If we did not call upon Him, we could not look back on all that He has taken us through and all that He has bore for us. The mountaintop is a beautiful, peaceful place to be, but in the valley is where I draw closer to Him and find new paths to explore and conquer. I think instead of perching, I would rather be exploring and inviting others on the journey.

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