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This blog was started to share the journey of what God has called me to do, serve our friends whithout homes. A long the way it has also become part of my journey as well.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gas Station Encounter

So I got of work about midnight tonight, as I walked outside there was my son waiting for me. Was nice to see him and have someone to ride home with. As we walked to the car, the wind was kicking up and it is so bitter cold out tonight. All I could think of was get home, change clothes and curl up on my couch and get warm.

As we drove down the street I had an urge to stop and get a soda at the gas station, why I wanted a cold soda on such a cold night…well God knows! I pull up to the gas station and I instantly notice the man just entering the store. I can tell he is on the streets. As I get out of the car I then notice his friend who was on crutches. I said hello to him as I entered the store and got my drink and watched his friend scrape up enough to get what he wanted to buy and then head out the door.

As I left they were standing close to my truck and I stopped and ask how they were doing. We spoke about how they came to be here in Boise, that they had no place to get out of cold, they said they were told the shelter was full, but to not worry that they would be fine. They had a friend who would feed them elk heart for breakfast in the morning and then they would be heading to Santa Cruz. Stating that it should only take them a few days to get there. So what can I help with right now I asked them. They stated their needs and I went back into the store and got what I could for them.

As I entered back into the store customers were complaining about the young men standing out side. Stating that they felt uncomfortable with them there and the store clerk should make them leave. I was so proud of the clerk, he stood up for the men and stated that he would not ask them to leave they had the same right to be there as anyone else. Funny thing about the whole situation was the two men on the streets were probably more polite and caring than anyone of the customers in the store. Sad part was they were not seen for the two beautiful people they were. To many times we are too quick to judge before seeing the whole person.

I left the store and spoke with the men a little longer and as I left I told them I was worried about them and wish I could do more, but would be keeping them in prayer as their journey continues. I asked if I could have a hug from each of them, as I got ready to go. I hugged the first man and he said he would be all right. The second young man for some reason my heart was really drawn towards him. He reached out his arms for a hug, he gave a big ol hug and then as I got ready to leave he said “Thanks Mom” and “don’t worry.”

I stood motionless for a moment when he said that. Why would he say that to a perfect stranger? I could feel the tears coming to my eyes. I turned and had an overwhelming need in my heart to telling him I cared about him and I loved him. He smiled again and said, “see ya later mom.”

Much love to you my new friend… You will be on my heart and in my prayers!

Monday, November 15, 2010

DJ's Pantry-Honoring a loving and giving man!

Part of the big pictute that God gave me, included a food pantry. How this was to happen, I never could figure out and even though I had thought about it from time to time it was always stored in the back of my mind. Then one Saturday that we couldn't use the park, we were serving at Essential Truth Ministries. They are generous to let us use the kitchen and dinning room when we can't get into the park, what a blessing! I had noticed a woman with four children sitting by herself. She seemed to not fit in with the others and I decided to talk to her. I listened to her story of how she lost her job, her husband is still working, but they don't have enough to buy food sometimes and keep a roof over their head. She was new to all this and had no idea where to go for help, so her and her children go to the local dinners to eat. As she was telling me her story she broke down and sobbed and at that moment I could hear His voice telling me it is time. Time to go beyond the park and start reaching others in the community that are in need. So in addition to our Saturday dinners for our friends outside, we have now been given space at Essential Truth Ministries to start a food pantry, making it possible to be His arms extended to even more people.

We have decided to name the pantry DJ's Pantry, after Rachel's father in-law. We thought it would be a great way to honor him. Below is what Rachel has written about him. Even though Dennis may no longer be here with us, may we reach out with loving arms and bless those who come thru the doors of the pantry in the same way that DJ has blessed so many. His love of people, his willingness to help and generous heart may we continue to show this to the people we serve.

We are honored to announce the addition of DJ’s Pantry to Mosaic Street Ministries. This pantry is named after Dennis Jay Johnson who passed away in August of 2010. His life’s goodness embodies many of the qualities this pantry stands for. To say he was a good man would be an understatement. He had a heart of gold that could rival even the most faithful humanitarian. Easygoing and agreeable, his legacy will be, not only this pantry, but the philanthropy he offered so freely. His life’s wisdom was displayed selflessly through his genuine goodness towards everyone he met, making him the type of man who would give you the shirt off his back; even if he hardly knew you. Spending time with him was a true lesson in how to live. His enthusiasm for life was contagious and he exhibited a genuine kindness and love that many of us could only hope to emulate. Strangers became fast friends. Friends became family. Family was his life and his greatest passion. He didn’t believe in getting paid back from others, he believed in paying it forward. So please, take what you need, be blessed, and if one day you can pay it back, instead, help someone in need and pay it forward. Just like Dennis would do--

If you or if someone you know is in need of help with food in the Boise area, please contact us at MosaicStrMnistry@aol.com. If you would like to help with donations to help us stock the pantry we would be grateful. There are many needs out there and we are already seeing the people come thru the doors. Be Blessed!