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This blog was started to share the journey of what God has called me to do, serve our friends whithout homes. A long the way it has also become part of my journey as well.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


A year ago this month, I had the pleasure of being introduced to two amazing families, the Hunter’s and the Haught’s. A mutual friend, Vivian who I had met in Portland, introduced us. They had an interest in what I was doing in the park and had asked if they could come down and check it out.

That first day in the park when the six of them came down to see what we do, is a day I will never forget and a day we still laugh about. I wish you could have seen them then and now. That’s another story.

I have had others come and go in the park, but this group saw the vision that the Lord laid on my heart. Instead of trying to change it, they embraced it and ran with it. I had prayed for a long time that the Lord would bring people along side that would see people thru His eyes, love them with His heart and just love on them period. These two families were the best answer to prayer that I could have received, they are an extension of Him in this world and I couldn’t be more thankful for having them be a part of what we do in the park.

They are dedicated and loving people that give so much of themselves to those who have not. They have gone from the group standing off to the side, not knowing what to do, to being embraced by all in the park. As our friends who live outside would say “They are family!” They took a step of faith and entered a world and community that most would not wander into. They asked nothing of themselves, but give all they can to those who others chose to ignore. In doing so lives have are being changed, I see smiles where there were none, a laughter where there was none heard, an embrace when others were afraid to touch and love where there was no love at all. They are Christ extend in this world and I thank the Lord for them continuously.

To this beautiful group, I say “Thank You” so much for all you do; you have no idea how much you are loved. So Happy 1st Anniversary and Welcome to the Family…whether you like it or not your part of us now!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sometimes the Best way to Minister to someone is to keep your Mouth Shut!

A young man approached me, I had never met him- “When I was sixteen my step father would beat and beat me.” “No one would help, so I left home so it would stop.”

I ask silently “Lord what do I do and say?”

“Just listen,” he answers.

An old man I met in the park- “I was an engineer, I was laid off, my wife couldn’t take it, she left and then I lost everything.” “Now I drink to kill the pain I feel inside.”

“Lord I don’t know what to do,” I quietly plead.

“Be still and listen,” He whispers.

Yesterday in the park she says, “My father wrapped his hands around my throat, choked me and beats me.”

“Lord I need to do something and I need you to help,” I scream in my head.

“You stand there, look her in the eyes and just listen” He again says.

Today a new girl, Julie and I met says, “I tried Meth for the first time last night, I am a horrible person for doing that.” “I just want to have friends and I can’t find any friends.” “I am so lonely I can’t stand it and I don’t know what it is like to have someone care about me.” Then it comes, “I hid under the bed when I was five and I watched as my family was murdered.” “I feel guilty for being alive and I don’t understand why I was left.” “I think of killing myself.” She proceeds to spill out.

“Lord please, Oh Lord please give me the words to speak to her. Lord I need to do something here and I am at a loss, please speak to me as to what to do.” I plead silently.

He once again softly speaks to me and say, “look her in the eyes and listen”

Each and every time when all was spilled out, the person would look as to what now. Then I hear His voice again and instead of asking me to be silent, He says, “wrap My arms around them, gentle tell them about the worth I see in them. Tell them about the beautiful person I created. Tell them how much I care about them. Tell them and show them how much they are loved.” The tension leaves, they tear up, but this time they smile and you see in their eyes that something has happened. God did something and when they walk away you realize the Lord did His best ministering in the silent corridors of their heart.

I have asked Him over and over again to use me as He wishes, that I only wish to be Him extend and a willing vessel. So I am learning more and more to just be, be still, be silent, be listening for His direction and be a willing instrument. I am learning that sometimes that means having to just keep your mouth shut and allow Him to do His work in silence.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Lou...this picture God gave me to draw for your son Andrew. He very clearly said "He will Rise Above the Ash and Flames."

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


school bus Pictures, Images and Photos

The wheels on the bus go round and round…. okay just a quick flashback to my days of teaching. The real reason I am bringing up a bus is to “Thank” all the families from Nampa who came out Christmas Eve to the underpass.

There were four to five families that came down with a converted bus. They brought wonderful homemade soup, chili and other goodies with them. Each and every one of them giving up their Christmas Eve to serve and love on those who may not have had anyone this Christmas. The next day at the park, people asked who the “cool people” on the bus were? They may not have expressed it that day, but our friends were truly grateful for your generosity and love you extended to them.

So to all the families that came, I once again say “Thank You” and our friends down there that day also say the same. Your beautiful people with very kind and loving hearts……….MUCH LOVE TO YOU!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


I met Tonya back in Jan. ’09, since then she has been a regular in the park with her daughter and husband. She has been a blessing helping serve and cook for the park always there no matter what, but she is also someone our friends have grown to love and lean on. This past Christmas Eve I had the chance to get together with her and a few other friends and completely unexpected received this beautiful gift of prayers and poems that she had written. I sat here the other night and read it over and over, each time learning more about the heart of this beautiful lady, each page bringing a tear to my eyes. I found some of my own thoughts and struggles expressed in her words, but also found Hope and Joy in them as well. I thank you Tonya for sharing with me…it has and will continue to be a blessing to me. She has given me permission to post her poems and prayers in my blog, so from time to time I will be posting one. I pray that they touch you as much as they have touched my heart………..Love you Tonya!

(This is Tonya’s introduction to her poems and prayers)


I enjoyed putting together my Poems and Prose from my earlier days in my Creative Writing classes so much that I continued in the same vein to share some of the more recent things I’ve written. In Jan. ’09, I began writing Poetry again. It had been awhile since I had expressed myself this way.

Many of these Poems have helped resolve the turmoil within, as well as express my true feelings. I think that’s why Writing has become really a way of life for me. It has given my heart a voice, and for that I am truly grateful…Some of these poems were born from a place of complete honesty within myself. When I came to terms with my earlier days of shame from a horrific childhood to a place in my mid-thirties when I discovered the love and passion of my Papa-God. -Tonya Haught


…I am someone who is familiar with sorrow,
But walks hand in hand with joy.

…I think I know a lot, but the moment I admit I do,
I realize how much I don’t!

….I am both a Wise child, and a Foolish adult.

…I am a Paradox.
…I am carefree and somber,
Full of laughter and pain.
…I am not Afraid anymore.
…I am not alone.

…I struggle under the weight of Life,
But I walk upright!

…I choose not to despair because to do so,
Is to turn your back on God…I will not!

…I break His heart…and He heals mine!
…I am Poor, but worth millions!
…I am my Daddy-God’s greatest treasure!

…I am Amazing Grace!!!

Th…1997 Tonya Haught

Friday, January 1, 2010


hands touching Pictures, Images and Photos

I was reading a blog by: http://underthebridgepdx.wordpress.com/ and really liked the theme they had for the New Year! It's how I feel about the park!

"The theme for the year at New Life is Touchable Jesus, Touchable Church. I think this is a perfect description of what we are seeing God do through Church Under the Bridge. He is bringing people from all walks of life … all unique in how they were created and their life experiences … and yet all vulnerable to grief, loss, and sadness, all hungry for a kind word, a gentle touch, a listening ear, and all created in the image of God to be a vessel for God’s love and mercy to flow freely from. These are the common threads that run through humanity that cause us to draw close to God and each other. I have been touched by so many under the bridge who, after being touched, I know it is Jesus, through them, touching me. What a privilege it is to be used by God to be His touchable Jesus church."