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This blog was started to share the journey of what God has called me to do, serve our friends whithout homes. A long the way it has also become part of my journey as well.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

In the Little things

God never stops amazing me. We had a small group of people show up in the park today and inquire about what we do there. We shared a lot things with them and hope to have the chance to share more. One thing I pointed out to them is, if they are looking for big grand moves of God down here in the park then they will miss God in the little things. Things like the Lord putting a smile on a face that has not smiled in a long time or a heart that is letting it's walls down. I also explained that it is the quiet moments after we are done serving that we get to see God move on the people.  Not more than a few minutes later, guess who made his presence known?
We are standing in a circle, all talking and one of the women from the park walks right thru everyone, stands in the middle of the circle and states I need prayer. The group that came down were very loving and kind to our friend, surrounded her, loved on her and prayed for her. I stepped back when she asked for prayer, not that I didn't want to pray with her, but I wanted to see how this group would react. I also had to step back and take in what was going on. The woman asking for prayer is a regular of ours and has been coming to the park for years. She usually has had way to much to drink, is lots of times angry, has more walls surrounding her heart than you can imagine and doesn't really engage with us. So for this woman to come over and boldly step into a group of people she doesn't know,  then make herself vulnerable and bare her heart....this is a move of God. These are the moments that put a smile on my face, make my heart jump for joy and bring tears to my eyes. These little moves of the Lord bring hope to a hopeless heart, love to someone who doesn't feel worthy of love and changes the lives of all who are present.


Let them see You

Let it be your feet and your footsteps that I follow, footsteps that will  take me to places no one else will go.  Let it be your hands thru me, that will touch and hold those that no one else will hold. Let it be your eyes that I see others thru, let me see the treasure each one holds, let me see how precious they are  in your sight and the love you have for them. Share your   heart so I can feel the compassion you have for all. Most of all Lord when I look upon them and see you, may they also in turn look and see you in me.