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This blog was started to share the journey of what God has called me to do, serve our friends whithout homes. A long the way it has also become part of my journey as well.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What God do you Serve?

I have been thinking of recent comments people have made to me and I want to ask what god do you serve? The Lord has laid it on my heart and has called me to serve those who have no homes. I do understand that we all have our own calling in life, something we have been called to do and are very passionate about. Just because my calling is not the same as yours, does not make these people any less in the eyes of God. Because I have a deep passion for the people I am trying to serve, I get very ticked off at some of the comments I hear from a hand full of my fellow Christians. Now, it is my turn and this is to that hand full.

When you tell me “bring them to church and then we will accept them” – I want to know why you will only accept them once they enter your doors and most of all why aren’t you out in the community accepting them right where they are? Where were you when you first encountered God?

When you tell me “ once you get them to church, we will change them” – What will you do clean them up, put a new pair of clothes on them and then send them out the door again. You can’t change them on your own. God through you can. If you show them the same love that the Lord has shown us then yes, hearts and lives will be changed. Don’t just change the outside to make them presentable to your congregation. Show your congregation how unconditional love can transform a person’s life. Show them God’s love.

When you tell me “ I don’t know how to deal with these people” – Well how do you deal with a new friend? You meet them, you talk to them, you care about them, you spend time with them and you show them they are loved.

The one comment that just gets my goat is “ I have no use for these people” – I won’t even comment on what goes through my mind when I hear that one. I wouldn’t be pretty.

I hear these comments and I am so grateful that we serve a God that did not accept us on the same basis that we accept those in our own lives. Jesus could have sat in a building waiting for people to come to him, but he chose to go to the people. Jesus could have chosen to wait until people changed to love them, but he loved them right were they were. Jesus didn’t say, “ I don’t know how to deal with these people,” he dealt with them with love. If the Lord had said, “ I have no use for these people. “ where would you and I be today? If he looked at all of our hurts and pains, flaws, mistakes and all the other baggage we came to Him with and said “I have no use for you,” we never would have experienced and continue to experience the love that changed our lives and continues to transform us. So, next time take a moment and see that person the way God sees him or her; you just may see a totally different person.

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