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Monday, June 23, 2008

Worship and Funny Balloon Hats

Last week we had a conference at the church and even though some of us were busy doing things we would slip in and taken in a little of what was going on. On one of those nights, I poked my head in and the room was full of people wearing balloon hats and large amounts of balloons lined the walls (compliments of some awesome young people, who I will tell you about in another blog). My first thoughts were anyone coming in off the street would think we have gone nuts. Then God spoke to me and asked what I thought he considered worship was and were do you find it? Worship is defined as to love, admire, honor, glorify and show devotion to. Then I asked him to show me what he sees as worship. So, many thoughts began to flood my mind, to many to put down in words, but here are a few.

A man once told me he likes to climb the highest mountain he could find. There he would shout praises to the Lord. There was no one around, just God and his beautiful creation.

I had a friend in Florida who made clothing, Garment’s of Praise she called it. Nothing left her shop that she didn’t think would be acceptable to present to the Lord.

On a recent trip to Portland, we stopped by The Bridge Church. You couldn’t miss the church; you could hear the music two blocks away. When you walked in, you would have thought you walked into a nightclub. The music was hard and cut to your very soul. I sat there and cried, because it was worship that was true worship and there was such passion in it.

During the conference I spent time with a lady Dianna and her husband Terry. Terry leads worship for our church and does this with much love. The thing that God showed me in these two is, Dianna shows her worship in dance. She dances for the Lord and her eyes just shine and she just glows with Gods light when she does dance. Terry doesn’t just show his love and worship of the Lord in his music, but it is embedded on his arms. He has some of the most beautiful tattoos on his arms and they glorify the Lord.

Dianna’s aunt Lois made lunch for the speaker at the conference and I have never seen so much love go into a meal. Nothing was over looked and every detail was taken care of. God would have been pleased to sit and dine at a table that was prepared with such love.

Even here on the web you find worship in the form of words. There are many who put their love, passion and praise into words. My friend Pam for one and to read real worship in words, The Christian Poet does this so beautifully in his poems. These are only two but there are many others out there. Even those words not written but spoken, every Sunday we listen to a sermon, aren’t these spoken words a form of worship as well.

Worship is expressed in art. I saw this in not just Akiane’s art last week, but also in the jewelry, clothing and glass blowing. All was done to bring honor to the Lord. Even the gentleman video taping from Royal Crown Productions, put much care and time into his work, making sure it was presentable to those watching later.

I could go on and on with things that God has brought to my mind. What he has shown me though is, weather you show your love and devotion to Him in music, the arts, writing, dance, alone on a mountain or on your arm, no matter what you do if it is done with a heart of love to honor and glorify Him, then this is worship.

So to go back to the room filled with balloons and people dancing around with funny balloon hats. Was this worship? Yes, it looked like a party going on, a celebration to our Risen King. No one else was being worshiped or glorified in that room except our Lord; all attention was placed on him. The funny thing is, for a brief moment I swear I could see Him there dancing right along with everyone else, wearing one of those funny balloon hats, smiling ear to ear and then he whispered in my ear, this is worship.

So, let’s not restrict our worship to Sunday morning service. Weather it be on your job, in your homes, in how we express our self’s let it be a reflection of our love to Him. Everyday and everything we do is an opportunity to worship him, even if it’s wearing funny balloon hats.

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Pam Hogeweide said...

thanks denie for the shout out. and some people, like you, worship God by going to the park every week and sharing friendship and food with those who have no homes.

(I am so excited to be seeing you in just a couple of days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)