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This blog was started to share the journey of what God has called me to do, serve our friends whithout homes. A long the way it has also become part of my journey as well.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An UPDATE 4-21-2010

Just wanted to share some of what is going on concerning the park. I think the worst of the bad weather is behind us and warmer weather has graced us at the park (thank you Lord). With the warmer weather we are see the numbers of those coming increase. With this increase we are seeing more new people on the streets, some who are new in town and also more of those who have a home, but need help with a meal. With the generosity of wonderful people we are able to continue feeding our regulars as well as all the new faces we are seeing. Many people are having their needs met because of your beautiful hearts….Thank You!

I also want to thanks all of you who come and give of yourselves to serve and be with our friends. Each week I see and hear how you are touching lives, you are a group of people who are individually serving our Lord through intimate encounters with those He leads us to.

There are something's I would like to share with you. On a sad note, last week we lost one of our street friends.

Robert was attacked as he was helping a woman defend herself. During the attack he was stabbed and lost his life. Robert had been someone I have know for about two years now. He struggled with his alcoholism and so desperately wanted to clean up. With all he had been dealing with, I had the opportunity to see the other side of him and in our many talks I got to see the beautiful person God created him to be. They had a beautiful memorial for him in the park. His sister, wife and son were there and they were able to hear how he loved them dearly and what a wonderful friend he was to those on the streets. I ask that if the Lord lays it on your heart…please pray for his family, they could use prayer right now.

On a brighter note I wanted to share about little miss Hava and Abraham. These two are the children of Keith and Tiffany and they have been joining their parents when they come down to park.

It is the most beautiful thing to watch these two little kids interact with our friends. Hava has such compassion and love in her heart for the people. A couple of weeks ago her mom brought a stool down so she could help serve, serving was Hava’s idea and she took it seriously and she did it with such love it made you want to cry. Abraham has taken a liking to one of our guys (Dan) and they play together and sometime even argue with each other, it is so funny to watch. But to see the two of them interact is beautiful, I see a joy and a smile that comes to Dan’s face that I have never seen before. It is like watching a grandfather interact with his grandchild. For a few hours a week these beautiful children bring a sense of family to our friends and for a few ours they are not homeless, but instead a family enjoying the day in the park. These two children bring a love to the park in ways the rest of us cant. What a blessing they are to many!

Size 2T girls summer clothes
Have had a need for Backpacks (Tonya donated two, but we are always in need of more)
Pray-please pray for those serving that we walk in his will and prayer for those we are serving. May the Lord direct them to us and open their hearts.
We had a request from someone in the park: They wanted to know if anyone had a portable volleyball net and would they want to have a game one weekend.

Thank each and every one of you for all you do. The love of Christ shines through you and that light is reaching many hearts that have lived in darkness for a long time. I see that reflected in their eyes and the smiles that come to their faces when they see you. Blessings to you all!

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