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This blog was started to share the journey of what God has called me to do, serve our friends whithout homes. A long the way it has also become part of my journey as well.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Well I know I said I would try and keep those who are interested, updated on the park and I have fallen behind. So, here is an update on the park.

About a month and a half ago, Terrica started joining me in the park. After her first visit there she was hooked. My friends without homes just love her and she has fit right in. Dianna started joining us a few weeks ago and she really has a heart for the kids, the little kids who are there. She also has been really accepted and welcomed by those in the park. I am so grateful and blessed to have these two wonderful women join me down there. I have been praying for others to come down to the park and help. It sometimes can get overwhelming and these two women have been an answer to my prayers. They have been a blessing to my friends and a big blessing to me. Right now it is just the three of us, so if anyone out there would like to give of themselves and just want to love on some wonderful people, let us know, you’ll never be the same after your first time in the park!

We have about 100 to 200 people each week in the park. This includes single men and women, young adults and families with young children. There were a lot of children this past weekend. We still supply sandwiches, water, socks and other necessities. With cold weather coming on, we have started to try and collect gloves, beanies, coats, scarves, hand warmers and anything else that may help with the cold, especially for those who stay outside during the winter. If anyone can help with these things, we would be grateful.

When God called me to the park, almost a year now. He said I was to love on them, accept them right where they were and have a relationship with them. I thought at the time that he was crazy, how can that make a difference in someone’s life. Well, the effects, of just giving of yourself, loving on someone and how it can change a person’s life, have blown me away. By loving, accepting and having a relationship, walls are coming down, doors into people’s hearts are opening up, trust is being formed and they are learning that we love them because they deserve to be loved and we truly do love them. They are no longer our friends in the park, but our family in the park.

I see a lot of my friends come and go on the streets. Those who now have homes, I have been trying to keep in touch with and make sure they are doing all right. I have been trying to help out during the week with any appointments and anything else they may not have transportation too and stop by the park when I can to just visit with those who maybe hanging around.

Some new things going on: We have decided that starting this Sunday that we would once a month start acknowledging those who have birthday’s each month. We will make sure they have a birthday cake and make sure they are recognized. This may not sound like much, but many have not celebrated a birthday in many years. Terrica has been working her fingers to the bones knitting scarves. We took some down last week and they loved them. She has also been crowned the brownie lady! They love her brownies. Dianna has a heart for the kids, so we are going to try and have something for the kids to do while they are there. This week there is a small craft project for them, try and make them feel special. We are trying to get help from others to do something nice for them for Christmas. We would like to not just feed them but also, do something personal for them.

Before I finish this blog, there are some people I would like to say “Thanks” too, some thanks are way pass due, but I would very much like to “Thank You” now:

Sweet Rose, who had a lemonade stand and sent what she made so we could buy socks. Your generous heart blows me away.

Andrea, who sent forty pounds of much need and welcomed clothes and funds from WI. My friends were blessed and were thankful.

Thanks to Terrica and Dianna for all the water, lunchmeat, socks, and everything else you have given. Most of all thank you for giving of yourselves. You have loved and blessed my friends in so many ways.

Joan from Agape Christian Worship Center, thank you for the bread this last weekend. It was a real blessing to us in the making of the sandwiches. Thank you for thinking of those in the park.

Nicole who gave us a box of books. A lot of those in the park spend the day reading and they were excited to receive new books. They pass them along when they are finished. This was a treat for them, thank you!

I think I am going to close for now. There are many things going on in the park, but I promise I will let you in on them soon. I don’t want to turn this blog into a book. So, I send you all much love and blessings. Love you all

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