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This blog was started to share the journey of what God has called me to do, serve our friends whithout homes. A long the way it has also become part of my journey as well.

Monday, August 11, 2008


You ever wake up and you just get that feeling that something is different about this day? You feel God all around you and the winds are shifting? He’s the conductor, we are the instruments and He already knew what parts we were to play. Sunday was one of those days.

I woke up early Sunday; I was still thinking about the service I attended the night before, the awesome word that was spoken and how it spoke words of hope into my life. I ran my son to work and then rushed home to get ready for church, but God said no, this morning I want you to spend time with me alone. So, we both sat on the couch and just had some quality time talking (something I had not done in awhile and should do more often).

A few hours later Sean called. I met Sean in the park, when he was living at the shelter; he now has his own place, but still goes to the park every so often. He had asked if I could pick him up on the way to the park, sure I always like company. Then my son called for a ride home, he never gets off early on Sunday’s. As I was headed home I asked him if he wanted to go to the park (he doesn’t go down very often) “Yeah sounds good” he said. Shocked me! So, we packed up the truck, picked Sean up and headed for the park.

When we got to the park all of us were shocked. I pulled up and before any of us could get out of the truck, someone yelled the sandwich lady is here and we had a mass of people coming at us. Moose got to me first, he always asks were my son is and today was no different; he didn’t see James in the truck. I told him he was here and Moose got the biggest smile, I don’t know what it is, but he is always thrilled to see him. By this time we had this large group of people there and we were handing things out as fast as we could. The part of the whole thing that blew me away was, they were not just there to get a sandwich or something to drink, but most of them before they took anything wanted a hug and some would ask, “Do you remember me”? As everyone went back to their place in park, my son turned and asked, “What the heck just happened, they have never done that before”? I told him that they just wanted to be acknowledged, to know that someone sees them and that someone cares enough to listen. They wanted to be loved on.

Shortly after Chris showed up, I had not seen him in months and had always wondered what happened to him. He told me how he is doing and that he had some decisions to make and came down to the park to talk to me about it. I said fine, but why me, I can’t make decisions for you? “No, but you can pray with me and for me about them” he said. “Of course I will,” I told him and that’s what we did. Lord what did you do in this man’s heart, I stood there wondering. Not to long after words Pastor Dave had shown up and asked for me to introduce him to some of the people. Just as I was going to do so, Shilo came up (I have spoken about her before), I had not seen her and her mom in about a month and had been concerned about them. They had been staying along the river and that could be dangerous for women. I was so happy to see her and would catch up with her later.
I introduced Pastor Dave around to a few of the people there and he ended up sitting at a table with Sean and few others. Stacey was there; I met her the week before. Last week she asked if I would be back and I had said I would, so it was great to see her again. We talked and joked around and then I went to talk to some of the others in the park. I caught up with Shilo and her mom and had the most amazing conversation with her. I don’t know what it was about this day, but something was happening, her mom just opened up to me, hugged me and just poured her heart out. Before I left her, she told me were they were staying along the river and I promised her that I would make it down sometime this week and sit and talk to her. I went back to the table to see how Dave was doing and he was ministering to Sean. Sean has been going thru a ruff patch and I think he needed to hear something’s from someone other than me. So, I talked to Stacey while I sat there. As I was sitting there I looked over at my truck and thought were did my kid go? Yes, I know he is twenty-four years old, but I still worry about him, so deal with it. He always hangs around the truck until I leave, but here he was walking around the park talking to people and handing out water. Lord what did you do to change his heart?

As the day was winding down, I walked with Pastor Dave back to his car and we talked on the way. He had mentioned that there were a lot of hurting people down here. Yes, Dave there are and they just want someone to come down and share like you did today, they want to know that you care. He also mentioned that he only got to speak to one person that day. You may have spoken to only one today, but one thing I have learned in the park, word travels fast and there are more than one ear listening, weather you know it or not. I would find out today how true that was.

Stacey had asked my for my phone number Sunday. Well she called this afternoon. I answered the phone and she said I need someone to talk too. She broke probation and is facing going to jail tomorrow and was scared and wanted someone to talk too. So, we talked awhile and then out of the blue she said “I can I ask you something about what was going on at the table”? She asked what religion I was; I told her I was a Christian. She said your not like the rest of them, your different. I asked how am I different? Well, you, your son and that guy at the table (Pastor Dave) you guys came down and just gave of yourselves. You guys care about us and really seem to be interested in what we have to say and what we are going thru. I can say and tell you anything and you don’t judge me. I told her it wasn’t my place to judge her and we were there to just love on people. Then it got quite, I asked if she was still there and in a very meek voice she says, “I love you”. You could tell by her voice that she was almost scared to say it, that my reaction maybe a negative one. I very calmly told her “I love you too”. She then told me, “I have not had a friend in a long time and even though we only met a week ago could she consider me friend”. Of course, I told her. Then she told me that we touched her heart and I asked how so, she replied “Because you cared, you gave of yourselves and I have not had people do that in a long time” “You showed me that I matter to someone.”

So on that beautiful Sunday, with the gentle breeze blowing, I had to wonder, was that you Lord sweeping across the park. Was that you that was changing and opening up hearts? Was that you showing them that they were loved and had worth? I would have to say, “Yes”. He was the conductor and he placed each instrument in its place so the sound of his heartbeat could be heard. Love to you All!


Anonymous said...

Hello! I found your Blogpage from Pam Hogeweide's. She mentioned your posting about being a Sandwich Lady to your friends living on the streets.

I was touched by this, and quickly came to "visit" your site.

Bless you for doing what you do. Quite honestly, it's actually inspiring me to do something similar. I see you live in Boise ID (I grew up East of you over in Southeastern WA state).

Currently I live in the Phoenix area, and the need for a Sandwich Lady is definitely here. Hmm...you certainly have my heart.

In any case, I'm glad I came across your Blog and plan on adding it to my "Feeds."

I hope you will "visit" mine...and definitely feel free to comment!


~Amy :)

Denie said...


Just wanted to say thanks for the kind words. I am glad to hear you are inspired to do something in your community as well. Every town could use a sandwich lady... :)

Be blessed